Wireless, Data & Voice solutions
Keeping pace with giant advances in modern communications, Genesis InfoTech offers advanced wireless solutions that enable clients to transfer key data across locations, from distances of just a few meters, to thousands of miles, through the intelligent use of mobile communications, such as portable routers and cellular telephony. As with all of our professional and practical solutions, we offer continued support and maintenance, down to the very last component, incorporating the latest in wireless and network-reliant technologies, including IP telephony, video conferencing, Telepresence, security, operating environments, storage, and contact center technologies.

The twenty-first century has revolutionized the way in which we manage our business interactions. Dramatic developments in IT applications and products have paved the way for a more decentralized, yet connected, style of working. The demand for wireless services and networking is continually increasing and Genesis InfoTech rises to the challenge by supplying customized solutions that respond to specific client needs.

A typical business requisite is often for a company’s employees to be fully contactable at all times during working hours, even when they are outside of the company’s facilities. Through the proliferation of smart phones and mobile devices, such as laptops, notebooks, I-Pads and Blackberries, the portable office has become a reality. Genesis InfoTech expert staff not only manages your systems within your premises, but ensures that your remote employees have access to the tools they need to remain constantly in touch while traveling from location to location.

Another commonly applied form of wireless networking is the use of mobile networks that connect via satellite. Genesis InfoTech can configure your system to a wireless transmission method to communicate a LAN segment that frequently changes locations, allowing you greater freedom and mobility. Our cutting-edge wireless solutions allow clients to span great distances beyond the capabilities of typical cabling by remotely connecting mobile users and networks.

Proud of our continued ability to evolve and adapt to clients’ needs and ever-changing market conditions, we can also provide clients with a backup communications link in case of normal network failure, connect temporary or portable workstations and overcome situations in which regular cabling is financially impractical. Contact us today for further information on how our industry-leading wireless solutions can help optimize performance across your organization.