Unified Communications
Whether updating existing IT infrastructure, or installing brand new components from scratch, Genesis InfoTech main goal is assuring continued harmonization throughout your operations. We apply the latest techniques in Unified Communications (UC) to integrate real time communication services, such as instant messaging, telephony, data sharing, call control and video conferencing, with non real time and more traditional communication services, such as integrated voicemail, email and fax. We provide clients with a portfolio of UC product options that provide a unified user experience across multiple devices and media.

Genesis InfoTech Unified Communications solution allows your employees to send messages and data from one medium (for example a cellular phone) and receive the same communication on another (such as a desk top computer or even fax machine). Allowing for increased efficiency and greater speed of response and flexibility, UC permits your business to harmonize your corporate communications.

Unified Communications provides a seamless flow between internal and external parties, allowing for work with greater efficiency and ease, and dramatically augmenting your firm’s productivity. Genesis InfoTech helps you achieve your business goals by saving time and unnecessary expenditure, replacing separate email, phone, voicemail, video conferencing, and instant messaging systems with an integrated platform with built-in back-up procedures and enterprise-grade protection.

Teaming with some of the most widely respected and trusted names in the industry, Genesis InfoTech provides only the highest quality communications products from verified manufacturers, such as Cisco and Microsoft. Your company is consequently better positioned to track down and instantly communicate with key personnel at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere, and from an almost unlimited amount of devices, granting users the ability to communicate from the business applications that they know and trust.

To ensure the well-being and protection of your critical data across multiple media, Genesis InfoTech builds in stringent security procedures, such as controlled user access and virus-fighting capabilities. We allow you to simplify management and scalability while maximizing your IT resources and investments and enjoying the inherent benefits of using a converged network for transport and interconnection.