Enterprise Communications
Clients need to be sure of having the very best IT infrastructure in place that allows them to achieve optimal performance. At Genesis InfoTech we understand that every business wants to streamline their operations, reduce unnecessary and costly downtime, and leverage their resources to operate at full potential. That is why we offer industry-leading network solutions that are fully integrated with any pre-existing hardware and software and ensure that all system elements function flawlessly as a whole.

Genesis InfoTech has the resources, expertise and capability to deliver best-in-class network solutions that guarantee optimal network performance to meet the demands of your company's day-to-day operations. From initial conceptual design to implementation of your entire IT infrastructure, we are with you at every step of the way to ensure flawless transition throughout. We also provide you with fully comprehensive, lifecycle support and 24/7 backup for round-the-clock peace of mind.

Our extensive and flexible range of network solutions includes:
  • Initial IT Consulting
  • Conceptual Network Design
  • Implementation of IT infrastructure
  • System Harmonization
  • Network Security
  • Continuity Management and Maintenance

We begin with a full and in-depth needs analysis to be sure that we truly understand our individual clients’ unique requirements and can design and develop customized solutions that work just for them. As soon as the consulting phase of the project has been satisfactorily completed, we embark upon the intricate process of conceptual network design by a team of qualified experts with the vision and experience to deliver the very best.

All of our highly skilled Systems Engineers and Technicians hold the latest industry qualifications, including Microsoft and Cisco (MSCE and CCNA) certification, and are fully trained and ready to work on-site, installing highly sophisticated and complex network and telecom systems, while ensuring component harmonization and seamless integration of existing software and hardware. We offer continued support and maintenance services, down to the very last switch, router, and cable, incorporating the latest in network-reliant technologies, including IP telephony, video conferencing, Telepresence, security, operating environments, storage, and contact center technologies.

We provide you with the certified professionals to expertly install all new systems, hardware and software, and configure and maintain network equipment and devices. From enabling email accounts, printing functionality, setting up protection of your network passwords and providing user access, to assuring continuous and unbroken support for your team, you can be sure that Genesis InfoTech skilled employees are constantly on hand. Our seasoned engineers work hard to smooth out system flaws and manage all system back-ups and support of administration servers. We go the extra mile by offering a maintenance service that is both proactive and reactive, performing routine troubleshooting analysis of your servers, workstations and associated systems. At Genesis InfoTech, we don’t just wait for your service call, but work harder in our Network Operating Center (NOC) to identify potential problems in your network system and prevent them from occurring.

Our comprehensive and innovative network solutions expand upon our clients' investments in technology, ensuring maximum ROI and significant cost reductions. Alongside our globally trusted and recognized partners, our talented teams of experienced project managers, database, networking and internetworking specialists work harder to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to meet any project need.