Co Sourcing
Until recently, the IT world was fascinated with the concept of outsourcing their development to an external software house which could provide them with the right resources and the right expertise at the right time. What started as a simple process of off shore development gradually took to geographical distribution of development of system so as to reap lower cost benefits. But of late, we are looking at the evolution of a new concept, a new synergy - Co Sourcing.

Co Sourcing has expanded the boundaries of outsourcing beginning with product conception and designs itself. And needless to say it does not end just with development. Co Sourcing is the most appropriate way of conducting projects when the IT department needs to remain in the driver's seat while using external help from a supplier which commits on certain deliverables.

Business Benefits for you
We at Genesis InfoTech offer to co-source with our clients and thus share the responsibility of the project outcome while being a part of the project guidance and execution process.

  • Outsourcing Clarity
  • Quality Governance
  • Optimized Controls
  • Seamless Project Transition
  • IT Project Visibility and Productivity
  • IT Resilience
  • Real time visibility and risk management
  • Improved End User satisfaction
  • Partnering relationship not “vendor” relationship
  • Enterprise wide sourcing strategy
  • Focus on core - Business and IT alignment
  • Minimized Project/Sourcing Risk
  • Accelerated P&L Impact
  • Application Performance Improvement