GreenThink Consulting
While many in Silicon Valley and in the environmental movement have very altruistic reasons for pursuing green initiatives — “passing on a sustainable world to our children” — there are also very pragmatic reasons that this is becoming a major concern for businesses:

  • The cost of energy
  • Concerns over the future supply of energy
  • Exploding use of energy as data centers expand
  • Threat of government regulation of energy consumption
  • First targets for Kyoto Protocol (reducing greenhouse gases) coming in 2008-2012
  • Growing political support for managing and regulating CO2 emissions

We have developed deep expertise in Green technology space through our thought-leadership, industry forum participations, and innovative technology solutions. Some of the service offerings within our GreenThink practice are:

Smart-Grid Applications: We have developed solutions and components which enable utility companies to establish a real smart power grid. Our solutions help in optimizing your network usage and anticipate and prevent outages before they even occur.

Paperless Office - Document Management Solutions: USTS provides end-to-end Document/Knowledge Management solutions by combining our robust consulting methodologies and frameworks. Document Management Systems are still evolving and banks, telcos, manufacturers and Subject Matter Experts have started investing in this technology. Our solutions provide high ROI through:

  • Efficient management of unstructured information to improve decision making
  • Meeting the statutory requirements of enterprises with regard to document and content assets
  • Automating business processes through workflows and rules-based engines
  • Reducing the cost of knowledge acquisition and retention through powerful collaboration and search tools

Virtualization Solutions: We help you in realizing the benefits through your virtualization efforts, whether it is PCs or servers or Data centers. When it comes to greening data centers - that is, lowering the environmental footprint inflicted by powering and maintaining IT assets within a data center - reducing the number of IT assets you purchase and maintain will certainly make reusing and recycling less of a burden.