Legacy Migration
Migrating legacy systems, applications and databases can be a complex and trouble-fraught process. As new technologies, standards and applications emerge, old ones become obsolete. Resultantly, valuable information assets become trapped often in proprietary systems and file formats. The challenge organizations face is to get their content into their new environment without losing data and integrity.

Why Genesis InfoTech Solutions?
  • We have the proven experience and expertise to smoothly manage your enterprise’s migration requirements.
  • Our Migration Process is a structured and proven approach that facilitates migration in a reliable and predictable manner.
  • Our Legacy Services practice can work with you in modernizing or transforming your legacy applications. By modernization, your legacy systems are moved to modern platforms and optimized architectures. Therefore, the value in your legacy applications is preserved.
  • Our deep expertise and structured approach and methodologies, familiarity with different technological platforms, and extensive domain expertise help to make our services comprehensive in all aspects.
  • Our tool-based approach in conjunction with its onsite-offshore business model delivers considerable savings of over conventional migration processes. Hence, we take care that your existing legacy systems, the new business functionality, and all the interfaces with external systems are intact.