Business Intelligence & Data Management Solutions
Genesis InfoTech Solutions possesses extensive capabilities to deploy innovative, scalable and sustainable BI and Data Warehousing solutions that help improve our clients' business results.

Business Intelligence has reached a new level of importance for decision makers. Capturing data from customers, partners, employees and operations has always been a part of running a business, but using this information proactively has become essential. Gartner has identified Business Intelligence as one of their “Top 10 Strategic Technologies” for 2009. BI delivers increased value to the business from existing systems and protects investments. It also eliminates compatibility issues between systems and increases IT efficiency.

The data warehouse is the cornerstone of any business intelligence (BI) strategy and architecture. Data warehousing is a foundational practice that supports enterprise reporting, business intelligence and decision support. Data warehouses can have varying levels of sophistication and different philosophical approaches, but typically they involve extracting and transforming data from operational/transactional databases and loading it to a repository for shared use and analysis.