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Wondering how to execute a software product development outsourcing strategy?

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7 questions on outsourced software product development you always had...but didnt know whom to ask!

This white paper offers unique insights developed over 10+ years of software engineering and product development outsourcing experience. It provides succinct and insightful answers to the following questions:

  • I am used to my team working under my close supervision. How can I depend on a remote team?
  • I cannot identify any clearly outsource -able piece. Can I still effectively outsource product development?
  • What kind of extra documentation overhead would be involved?
  • How will I manage my communications with the partner team?
  • However one plans, timely product delivery invariably involves last minute superhuman efforts. How will this be done?
  • How can I protect our intellectual property when the work is being outsourced outside the US?
  • How do I select the right product development outsourcing company to outsource my work?