Staff Augmentation
Genesis InfoTech sources the very best IT professionals on a contract, contract-to-hire, or full-time basis, providing clients the flexibility to augment their team as needed for long or short term assignments. We pool our talent from a wide variety of sources, including trade fairs, industry associations and our own extensive databases, to track down the right resources for any project size, regardless of scope or complexity. Thanks to our competitive and agile onshore/offshore business model, we are able to deliver a cost-effective and highly efficient service that allows clients to maximize their profit margins and shorten start day waits.

Our proven approach towards staff augmentation is based upon an effective and agile business model that allows us to work smarter and leaner than the competition. We have 18 locations nationwide and further strategic offices in the UK and UAE, allowing us to source professional talent globally from strategic locations across three continents. Genesis InfoTech leverages world time zones and internationally available talent, responding rapidly to clients’ requests with a 24/7 capacity and expert team of experienced recruiters in our offshore resource center in India.

With our round-the-clock capacity we are able to react to staffing requests as soon as they are received; the moment a client sends a project requirement to Genesis InfoTech, they receive an immediate response and we begin the process of acquiring the best talent most suited to their needs, considering key factors such as budgetary constraints, timeframes and specific system or network requirements.

By combining seasoned recruiters from our onshore facilities with our dedicated offshore team, our efficient, streamlined delivery model accelerates staff deployment and ensures reduced cost per hire. We listen attentively to each individual client’s requirements and conduct through needs analyses to ensure a perfect match. As soon as the initial readiness assessment and requirements definitions have been established, the client request is then passed on to a certified and dedicated onshore Project Manager, who acts as a single point of contact and informs them of the most appropriate available resources. Whether their need is for a team of highly trained Oracle, SAP, or ERM certified developers for an ongoing basis in Washington, or an IT consultant for a one-time project in Alaska, Genesis InfoTech has the proven experience and capability to deliver the right resources every time.

The technology professionals we deploy on a regular basis include highly talented software developers, experienced project managers, qualified database, networking and internetworking specialists, and dedicated help desk support professionals. To date, we have successfully placed thousands of qualified professionals across North America and beyond, in varying length engagements.

All of our highly skilled Systems Engineers and Technicians hold the latest industry qualifications, including Microsoft and Cisco (MSCE and CCNA) certification, and are fully trained and ready to work on-site, installing highly sophisticated and complex network and telecom systems, while ensuring component harmonization and seamless integration of existing software and hardware. We offer continued support and maintenance services, down to the very last switch, router, and cable, incorporating the latest in network-reliant technologies, including IP telephony, video conferencing, Telepresence, security, operating environments, storage, and contact center technologies.