Project Management
Highly effective PMOs can drive 200-300% increase in the value of their portfolio, sadly most significantly underachieve this potential. To achieve this potential, we follow ASAP methodology for Project Management and System Implementation. The ASAP methodology adheres to a specific road map that addresses the following five general phases:

  • Project Preparation, in which the project team is identified and mobilized, the project standards are defined, and the project work environment is set up
  • Blueprint, in which the business processes are defined and the business blueprint document is designed
  • Realization, in which the system is configured, knowledge transfer occurs, extensive unit testing is completed, and data mappings and data requirements for migration are defined
  • Final Preparation, in which final integration testing, stress testing, and conversion testing are conducted, and all end users are trained
  • Go-Live and Support, in which the data is migrated from the legacy systems, the new system is activated, and post-implementation support is provided.